Coaching Programs 

The Attachment Style Reset

4 Week Live Group Coaching Program

Begin your journey to a healthier relationship. It’s time to take a reset and address the challenges you’ve been facing in your past relationships.

Join Erica in an immersive course that will help you learn effective strategies to shift from an insecure to a secure attachment style, develop and maintain strong boundaries, and experience lasting and fulfilling relationships. 

This program will run live again in Spring 2024

From Abandonment to Abundance: Create a Lasting Love

4+ Hour Self Paced Coaching Course

A course created to heal your abandonment wounds and empower you to create a legendary love.

Discover the blocks holding you back so that your blind spots aren't keeping you from creating a healthy relationship.

Stop feeling scared to express your true thoughts, feelings, and needs so that you stop tolerating less than you deserve in your relationships.

Heal your past abandonment wounds so that you can finally feel secure within yourself and stop letting fear drive your relationships.

Be confident and secure within yourself so that you show up as your authentic self, unapologetically.

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