From Abandonment to Abundance: Create a Love that Lasts

3 Day Masterclass


 Be honest, does this sound familiar?


You cross paths with someone special…

…and without hesitation, you plunge into the relationship. You put all your hopes and dreams into this new connection, even before you genuinely understand WHO this person really is. Emotional investment seizes you almost instantly. 

Red flags begin to surface…

…as the relationship progresses. However, you downplay these issues, brush them under the rug, and even find yourself denying their existence. Your primary objective is to hold onto this relationship because you don’t want to be alone.  Your abandonment fear has taken over your decision making.

 Discontent creeps in…

…as your needs remain unfulfilled. But you convince yourself, “Just a little more patience, maybe a different approach, and things will get better.” You lose touch with your true feelings and needs, having devoted all your attention to your partner.

 Powerlessness starts to overshadow…

…your feelings, as the relationship continues to hurdle forward. You start to feel resentment build as you continue to hide your true thoughts & feelings.  And your partner doesn’t align with your expectations, no matter your efforts. Yet, the fear of being alone is holding you hostage. So you endure in a blur of unfulfillment.

And in the end…

…the relationship reaches its inevitable conclusion, leaving you heartbroken, disoriented, and questioning, “Where did I go wrong?”


I know it’s possible to stop letting your abandonment fear control your relationship decisions because I’ve experienced it myself.

Picture how empowering it would be to…




Put an end to the constant cycle of hot & cold relationships. Confront and heal your abandonment fears, and address the deep-seated issues that have been hindering your happiness.



Stop letting fear dictate your love life. Empower yourself to make decisions that are right for you, ensuring you never have to feel alone or abandoned again.


Recognize and accept the truth about emotionally unavailable partners. Release the hold that these unfulfilling relationships have on you and step into a future where you make healthier and happier decisions.


Understand that your worth comes from within. Release yourself from that constant need of validation through romantic relationships, and foster a stronger sense of self-love and self-acceptance.

Reconnect with your inner child.  Fill the void that’s been neglected for so long and create a sense of inner peace and security that remains steady, even when others walk away.

Control nagging anxiety & self-doubt. When relationships become shaky, learn the strategies needed to manage your emotions, so you no longer need to rely on others for your sense of stability.

Level up your emotional availability. Clear a path for experiencing genuine intimacy, deep connections, and a fulfilling relationship with a partner who reciprocates your feelings.

Leave relationships that don’t serve you. Dissolve your abandonment fears so that honoring yourself matters more than holding onto a bad relationship.  Finally stop settling for breadcrumbs.


It's time. 

It’s time to do the work to heal so that you can attract partners from a place of abundance, not abandonment wounds.



3 Day Masterclass

From Abandonment to Abundance:

Create a Love that Lasts

Day 1: Unravel the Roots of Abandonment 
  • Get the skills & mindset reframes you need to make decisions so that you can honor what you really think, feel, and need in your relationships, not make choices rooted in abandonment fears
  • Discover the concrete tools to break the cycle of dating avoidants or emotionally unavailable partners so you’re no longer stuck settling for less in your relationships
Day 2: Reconnect To Yourself & End the Fear of Rejection
  • Heal your abandonment wounds and fear of disconnection by tuning inward and building a deeper connection with yourself & your inner child
  • Get rid of that that “I’m too much” feeling -- learn how to offer yourself the assurance & certainty you need on when to speak up, how to communicate your thoughts & feelings, and when it’s time to walk away and you don’t let old abandonment fears keep you stuck
  • Anchor into your inherent worth and rebuild your self-esteem by learning the tools to validate yourself, create & uphold boundaries, and manage your emotions with ease
Day 3: Stop Letting Fear Run Your Life
  • Learn how to soothe manage the panic you feel if rejection happens or your partner has a negative reaction to you being vulnerable - abandonment fears will no longer stop you from sharing your true self
  • Space, distance or lags in communication will feel like a blip on your radar, you’ll have a go-to plan for how to handle scenarios like this, without all the overwhelm.
  • Responding anxiously to inconsistent behavior will be a thing of the past. Gain the tools to tune inward and regulate your mind & body when you are triggered and create your own calm
  • Never emotionally invest too soon in a relationship again!  Instead of romanticizing a future with a potential partner, get my blueprint for exactly what to look for to determine if there is true compatibility so that you can create a healthy love


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Hi, I’m Erica. 

Like you, I've experienced the dreaded never-ending cycle of abandonment dating. It was a lonely time that left me questioning my self-worth, values, and confidence.

Quite honestly. I was a hot mess.  

  • Doubting and second guessing myself all the time.
  • Always looking to others to find happiness
  • Continually drawn to avoidant + emotionally unavailable partners.
  • Constantly looking for validation from others
  • Left feeling hopeless after every relationship 

It wasn’t until I uncovered the blind spots keeping me stuck that I was able to break free from the cycle of abandonment dating, take back my power, and accept responsibility for creating the relationship and love I desired. 

Once I took responsibility for creating the relationship I wanted, everything changed. I found confidence in myself, discovered what I wanted in a partner, and started attracting the LOVE I deserved.

Now, it’s my passion to help individuals (just like you) break free from toxic relationship patterns, get unstuck from the blocks holding you back, and build the healthy love you deserve. 

I can't wait to see you inside this 3 Day Masterclass!